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March 13, 2013
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Prologue: a quick history

So, it is safe to assume that you are reading this to try and understand my story. I don’t know how you got my journal. I only gave it to those I trusted to help bring this revolution for my people to pass. In any case, I’m glad you read this, that is, unless you are a hunter, in which case, may all that you read seem like a typical supernatural fairy tale written by some author who thinks they know what it is they’re talking about. Not that you would heed this warning, but hey, I can try, right?

The things is: I do know what I’m talking about, or at least I would hope I knew about my own life and society that I belong to. Though I cannot say I know everything I can say one thing: not all of us are as evil and vile as what people assume. I mean, don’t get me wrong, there IS evil in the world, but there is a balance that must be maintained. I should know. I am one of the races that have to control the balance of the worlds of man and Magickant.

Now you may wish to know what a Magickant is. Well, Magickants have gone by namy names, Fae, fairy-folk, creatures of Legend, Monsters, abominations, but we are really all one realm known as Magickar. This is where all the beings or creatures of your imagination are very real and alive. There are witches, and wizards, warlocks and even simple spell casters, which are really just apprentices to the first three. Now witches and wizards are the folk who are in control of the balance of nature, and the frail and delicate connection between the supposed ‘real’ ‘ world and the realm of Magickar. Warlocks, however, are those who break away from this law and work to try and undo the balance, working off of dark magick and necromancy to try and destroy the world to allow Magickants to live in the light. Now, I know what you may think: But Myst, wouldn’t that cause Hunters to be forced to live with us in piece? My answer to you is no.

There used to be a time where the mackicar and the hunters of our kind worked in piece. They wre human agents who worked like spies to get rid of the law breakers and any deviation from the proper treaties in place between the light and the dark. However, things changed. Soon the Dark adapted and made no Magickant seem good with each growing generation of the Human hunters.

But then there’s me. Annasophia Mystica Burnam, formally Yirrell. I was raised by Hunters, and left them to join my own, after I found out what they did to my family. And now, I have started a revolution against the world.

Magickant High: Prologueby Mystic-Scripture

First part of my Original story Magickant high!!! Let me know what you think!!! :D

I own everything!!! Except the picture of Candice Accola that I edited for the cover that belongs to Candice Accola Online.
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